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Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials Full Movie Download ((BETTER))

The Maze Runner films are an Awesome Trilogy & i think i like this part "The Scorch Trials" best.Here Thomas & his crew are on the run into the dangerous desert wastelands called The Scorched Earth, a place full of Danger & most dangerous of all are the Infected humans who have turned into Zombie creatures called Cranks. These "Cranks" look Awesome & make for terrifying creatures that are out there ready to rip-apart any human. This film has a more Horror feel to it & that's why i loved it best. There's an incredible, intense & exciting sequence where Thomas & his gang are in a buried building in the sand & it's dark & scary & full of ferocious killer Cranks that chase them through the big old building/Mall type place & it's so intense & scary & a proper Horror movie scene.The characters are all great again here, especially Thomas as the troubled leader of the group & we get, much later in the movie, a great Little role from Barry Pepper, one of the most underrated actors out there & one of my personal favourite actors ever!!! Here the always intense & rugged Barry Pepper plays a tough wasteland warrior named Vince & although it's a small part for Pepper it's a great role & he steals the show as soon as he's on screen.Here Thomas must survive the scorched earth & evade the evil WKD empire. A thrilling adventure.The Scorch Trials is a blast of Action & Apocalyptic sci-fi Horror with a great ensemble cast & great effects.

Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials full movie download


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