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Ls Crazy Angels Rar [PORTABLE]

yes. i kind of want to listen to the whole record right away. im a fan, after all. all i can say is that this album has been in my playlist since december of 2019. i just had to get it done! then, after a few months of listening, i had to produce the album.

ls crazy angels rar

i think i'm personally going to love the concept of the songs. kesha has often spoken about how she wanted the record to stay true to her roots. even though the album is different, its amazing to see her be authentic while still expressing who she is.

it is already one of my favorites, and i'm proud to say that it is the album opener. i love how she brings back the old school, albeit slightly altered, blues. she makes it look so easy, and it still sizzles. the bluesy guitar tone makes this song so incredible.

ella quickly cleared her desk of unnecessary furniture. she got some books and started reading, and two hours later azrael walked into the small office she shared with chloe and noticed that the books ella was reading were about vampires. azrael thought this was strange, given that, given that the victim was a vet tech and had also owned a dog that was poisoned. ella told azrael that she was reading them to find out more about certain aspects of her life, and, she thought that if she got more involved with vampires, she could avoid a life of being a cop. azrael, knowing this was obviously not the case, nodded in approval.

later, ella and chloe went to los angeles to meet with the detectives that were working the case and provide them with any information they needed regarding the victim. after she finished up, ella asked for one more volunteer for her paranormal team. suspicious, azrael told her that one of her fellow officers was on the team, which, as it turned out, was true. ella asked azrael who that was and azrael told her it was someone named nick. ella was put out, saying that if she was going to bring somebody else into this, she should name someone. after a brief argument, azrael told her that given the way things were going, he might as well have someone to talk to, so ella said that chloe would be a better choice. elated, ella put her notes away and decided to go meet nick.


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