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SZA - Supermodel (Official Video)

SZA has hashed out the creation of "Supermodel" from writing to release in a new video interview with GQ. The Top Dawg Entertainment artist describes the single as her "favorite song" from her debut album Ctrl.

SZA - Supermodel (Official Video)

SZA has released a new video for "Supermodel," a standout track from her Ctrl album. In the Nabil-directed video, a group of fairies lead the TDE singer down a wooded path as they sprinkle fairy dust on her. SZA's love interest appears on the path ahead, seemingly taunting her, and she ends up on a school playground, shooting fireworks out of her fingers as the man tries to avoid being hit and a group of kids cheer her on.

Leave me lonely for prettier womenYou know I need too much attention for shit like thatYou know you wrong for shit like thatI could be your supermodel if you believeIf you see it in me, see it in me, see it in meI don't see myselfWhy I can't stay alone just by myself?Wish I was comfortable just with myselfBut I need you, but I need you, but I need you

SZA has released the video for 'Supermodel', the first track off of her debut album, Ctrl. Directed by Nabil, this video is as powerful and magical as SZA herself. The video is an Apple Music exclusive, which you can watch below.

The music video was directed by Nabil and it sees SZA putting her lover in his place. After he undermines her confidence, and after a short walk through a magical forest wearing revealing, sexy lingerie, SZA will confront her douchebag lover with a little bit of torture and gunfire. 041b061a72


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