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I Tried Bone Thugs-N-Harmony WORK

back in the early 90s eazy E took bone thugs to the good life cafe..where they watched all the freestyle fellowships cats rap ..they were inventing styles at the time.. they then then proceeded to completely bite their style..100% the whole singsong flow is straight from the fellowship..a bit of hip hop history for you..

I Tried Bone Thugs-N-Harmony


i have never heard that story by the way. if it is true i wonder why no1 else knows about it. regardless, bone thugs is more popular than freestyle fellowship so i guess they did something right. regardless everyone of the members of BNTH is proven and still goin in the game. nobody in todays rap game can compare with the flow and lyrics of Krayzie Bone on the mic.

Style-biting is generally pretty open to interpretation, but who else but the Fellowship was busting that hyperfast, sing-songy steez back then? Nobody, that's who. At least nobody of any consequence. So how did a bunch of stoners with bad perms from Cleveland come to bite everybody's favorite L.A. backpackers? We're guessing the Good Life Cafe, home to many a Fellowship rhyme workout, is the missing link. Lots of heavyweights outside of your typical gangstafied artsy-fartsy Project Blowed soaked up the Good Life. Ice Cube, for example, was a regular spectator. So why wouldn't Cube's ol' buddy Eazy-E take his latest wick-wack proteges to the same spot to soak up some knowledge? Granted, even the corniest Blowedian wouldn't come with something as corny as that harmonized "bonebonebonebone, bone, booooooone" ****, but the similarities are too close for comfort. And Abstract Tribe Unique's "L.A. Styles Back," a not-too-thinly veiled dig at some g-ed up doo-wopping biters, backs up the idea. Besides, Self Jupiter could singlehandedly whip all the Bone Scrubs' asses, so whatever he says goes in this argument. 041b061a72


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