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Is chess a logical game? What constitutes an advantage in chess? How can we set problems and create psychologically difficult situations for the opponent? These are big questions, and Erik Kislik tackles them and others head-on in this thought-provoking, thoroughly modern, and original work.

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As the trainer of players ranging from high-level grandmasters to average club-players, Kislik is very strong on providing practical guidance on topics such as how best to use chess software, choosing hardware, getting psychologically ready for a game and preparing for specific opponents. He is always willing to boldly state his views, even when they run contrary to conventional chess wisdom.

Applying Logic in Chess by Erik Kislik must be near the top of every list on self-improvement chess books. He literally was the only adult chess player ever to go from class B to IM in 5 years (700 points!) after age 18, which everyone says cannot be done. His book outlined his approach to thinking about every aspect of the game logically. 041b061a72


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